He is calling for mobilization to overthrow Ariel Henry

He is calling for mobilization to overthrow Ariel Henry

The Collective of Parties of the Montana Accord unveiled today a devastating socio-economic report for the year 2023 in Haiti. Endemic corruption, widespread impunity, a surge in kidnappings, and a brain drain have defined a year marked by the authorities’ failure to address the fundamental needs of the population.

Persistent corruption has eroded the country’s economic foundations, diverting resources that should have been allocated to essential public services. Haitian citizens have been neglected, grappling with precarious living conditions and inadequate access to education, health, and basic infrastructure.

Widespread impunity has fueled a climate of escalating insecurity, accompanied by an alarming increase in kidnapping cases. Ordinary citizens live in constant fear of falling victim to this criminal scourge, while authorities appear powerless to curb this growing threat.

Brain drain, another deleterious consequence of this crisis, has deprived the country of its most valuable talents, further aggravating the economic downturn. Qualified professionals, disheartened by the lack of future prospects and stable living conditions, have been compelled to seek opportunities abroad.

Confronted with this critical situation, the Collective of Parties of the Montana Accord has declared its intention to launch a national mobilization starting in January 2024. The organization’s members contend that the current government, led by Ariel Henry, is accountable for this socio-economic deterioration and are urging for his ousting.

The leaders of the collective underscore the imperative for immediate action to restore order, reinstate justice, and implement substantial reforms aimed at eradicating systemic corruption. They implore the international community to support the Haitian people in their pursuit of change and to exert diplomatic pressure on the current government.


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