Jean Robert Bossé denounces PNH actions and calls for resistance

Jean Robert Bossé denounces PNH actions and calls for resistance

In an unprecedented move, former Aquin deputy, Jean Robert Bossé, has vehemently spoken out against the recent actions of the Haitian National Police (PNH) agents who used tear gas to disperse displaced individuals from Tabarre seeking refuge in front of the American Embassy. This show of force by the law enforcement has sparked outrage from the former parliamentarian, who did not hesitate to publicly condemn these inhumane acts.

The event took place amid a severe humanitarian crisis in Tabarre, where many residents were forced to flee their homes due to the violence perpetrated by armed gangs in the region. These displaced individuals, already burdened by the hardships of life, desperately sought refuge in front of the American Embassy, only to be brutally denied protection by the law enforcement.

Faced with this appalling act, Jean Robert Bossé expressed solidarity with the displaced individuals and strongly criticized the excessive use of force by the PNH. In an emotional statement, the former deputy declared, “It is intolerable to see innocent citizens, who have already been victims of gang violence, subjected to such inhumane treatment by the very agents supposed to protect them. The use of violence and tear gas against vulnerable people is unacceptable and must be condemned firmly.”

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