Monday, December 4

Jerusalem gang member arrested by police

Ransoming of drivers and merchants, association of criminals, are some of the acts for which the named Azard Michel was arrested by the Police on the national road # 01, Bon Repos coal market zone, this Saturday July 30, 2022.

Native of Damme Marie (Jérémie), department of Grand’Anse, Azard Michel, during his arrest by the Intervention Brigade (BI) of Bon Repos, was also denounced by members of the population for the aforementioned offenses.

He had in his possession 4,645 gourdes. He is a member of a group of gangs based in Oxygen Square, Jerusalem Zone 08, led by Raynaud, also known as “Ti gita”. The National Police is actively looking for other members of this group of gangs, including “Johnny” thus known, Kerwi alias “Papa krèy” and “Jeannot” thus known.

For the time being, the named Azard Michel is being kept in custody pending the necessary legal action.

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