Léogâne: The Rara exceeds the level of the authorities

Léogâne: The Rara exceeds the level of the authorities

We’ve been talking about Léogâne, the bastion of Rara in Haiti, for decades. Others say that Léogâne is the Capital of Rara in Haiti.

Everyone agrees, even when there are jealous people or competitors who refuse to admit it, it’s their absolute right. Whether we like it or not, Léogâne is the benchmark for Rara in Haiti.

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On the other hand, for several consecutive years, the Rara in Léogâne has taken extraordinary growth, but unfortunately, the authorities of Léogâne do nothing to properly exploit this cultural asset which can serve as a priority axis for the tourist and economic development of the City of ‘Anacaona.

This year 2023, the situation was really delicate. Due to the fact that the bandits kidnapped important members of Rara in Léogâne and the central authorities decreased on the subsidy allocated for the festivities of Rara 2023 in Léogâne.

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Despite the efforts of Rara officials in Léogâne, this magical, mythical and mystical culture is really in great difficulty in Léogâne.

It is to ask the intellectual and economic elites and the Léogânais of the diaspora to come together to organize a large Forum as soon as possible on the problem of Rara in Léogâne to identify new and modest perspectives to save this culture which makes the joy and pride of the Léogânais which is endangered in the same way as the culture of the Cane in the City Anacaona.

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