Michel Soukar calls for Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s resignation

Michel Soukar calls for Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s resignation

In a clear statement, respected historian Michel Soukar has urged Prime Minister Ariel Henry to step down in the interest of the nation. Speaking on Radio Télé Métropole, Soukar argued that, after more than 30 months in power, Ariel Henry lacks the necessary legitimacy to continue as Prime Minister.

Soukar emphasized the need for new leadership, pointing out the Prime Minister’s evident shortcomings and incompetence in managing state affairs. He stated, “It’s time for Ariel Henry to make room for a new leader,” underscoring the detrimental impact of the lack of leadership and effectiveness on the country’s progress and well-being.

Additionally, Soukar called for the United States to reconsider its support for the Prime Minister. He asserted that international partners should acknowledge the reality on the ground and stop backing a government that has failed to meet its commitments.

Soukar’s public statement comes amid growing tensions within the Haitian government, marked by widespread protests and ongoing political turmoil. Calls for Ariel Henry’s resignation are increasing, driven by concerns about the country’s stability and governance.


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