Nenel Cassy left the agreement of September 11

Nenel Cassy left the agreement of September 11

The rumor becomes new. The former senator des Nippes abandoned the ship with this statement. He tweeted this Tuesday: “The agreement of September 11 has expired, the Montana one has expired since February 7, 2022.”

Nenel Cassy demands a new agreement or a political pact for a new government with all sectors, a two-headed executive in order to be able to facilitate the return to peace and security, he continued.

Since some time we have been able to see a rag that is burning between the members of the Democratic and Popular Sector (SDP). The clan of André Michel and Marjorie Michel is in disagreement with that of Nenel Cassy, the latter was able to wait for his father’s funeral to announce to the nation that he no longer supports the Ariel Henry agreement.


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