Monday, December 4

New fiscal year, SELEH promises to fully accomplish its mission

This October 1, marks the opening of the new fiscal year 2022-2023, in this sense the Union of Employees of the Haitian State Lottery wishes a happy new year to executives in general and to employees in particular.

The Union says it recognizes the tough times the LEH has had over the past year. The socio-political and economic situation facing the country affects all sectors of the country and what is worse, it has prevented the union from fully playing its watchdog role.

The problems persist, however the Syndicate encourages everyone to accomplish their task in order to be able to achieve all the objectives set for this new exercise. The mission of the Haitian State Lottery is to regulate the gambling sector and contribute to the social development and economy of the country.

The Union of Employees of the Haitian State Lottery (SELEH in French) invites the owners of games of chance and money to work in close collaboration with the Haitian State Lottery in order to contribute to the happiness of the population. .

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