President Abinader’s appeal for Haiti’s stability

President Abinader’s appeal for Haiti’s stability

In front of the United Nations Security Council last Tuesday, Dominican President Luis Abinader made a heartfelt plea to the international community to intervene and prevent Haiti from further descent into chaos and anarchy.

In his address, Abinader emphasized the urgency of the situation in Haiti, describing the tragedy unfolding in the neighboring country as intolerable. “The international community must not allow the Haitian tragedy to continue for another day,” he declared firmly.

Already grappling with a series of political, economic, and social crises, Haiti has been rocked by massive protests and civil unrest in recent months, exacerbating an already precarious situation. The violence has resulted in loss of life, property destruction, and a rapid deterioration of the humanitarian situation.

Abinader warned of the devastating consequences of prolonged international inaction, highlighting that instability in Haiti could spill over and threaten regional stability in the Caribbean. He called for concerted and immediate action to prevent an impending humanitarian catastrophe.


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