Southern Haiti Ignites Against Ariel Henry

Southern Haiti Ignites Against Ariel Henry

On Friday, February 2nd, a new coalition of political opposition emerged in the Southern department, bringing together parties such as EDE and Pitit Dessalin, alongside influential organizations like ROCIS, MOSALAH, and FOS PÈP. This unprecedented alliance stands as a united front, pooling its efforts with the common goal of ending the term of the current Haitian president, Dr. Ariel Henry.

Three days of planned protests are set for Monday, February 5th, Tuesday, February 6th, and Wednesday, February 7th. These mass mobilizations aim to exert pressure on Ariel Henry and his government, who are accused of indifference and neglect in the face of the escalating distress of the Haitian people.

Opponents of Ariel Henry point to the blatant indifference and negligence of his administration in addressing the country’s dire situation. Economic crisis, social issues, and the rise of political unrest have heightened tensions within the population. Critics denounce an apparent inability to effectively respond to the urgent needs of the nation, fueling widespread discontent.


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