The gang mapping will be handed over to the Kenyan mission

The gang mapping will be handed over to the Kenyan mission

A delegation from Kenya has landed in Haiti as part of an assessment mission aimed at examining critical issues related to national security in the country. Prominent members of this government delegation have begun their visit by marking a significant milestone: a stop at the U.S. Embassy in Haiti, symbolizing the start of their exploratory stay.

Thoroughly prepared for this occasion, the Haitian National Police has developed a comprehensive document that will be presented to the delegation from Kenya. This document has been specifically designed to provide a global and detailed perspective on the areas of influence exerted by gangs across the national territory.

The underlying intention of this detailed mapping is to equip the assessment mission with a refined understanding of the dynamics at play within criminal groups and their impact on the stability and security of the country.

With a focus on security in Haiti, the primary objective of this assessment mission is to meticulously examine the security challenges facing the country, particularly highlighting the threat emanating from gangs and other criminal entities.


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