Monday, December 4

The son of “TOTO borlette” kidnapped, the SELEH denounces…

The Union of Employees of the Haitian State Lottery (SELEH in French) rigorously condemns the kidnapping of the son of Mosanto Petit better known under the pseudonym TOTO, trade unionist, founder of the National Association of Tenanciers of Borlette (ANTB in French).

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His son was kidnapped on Thursday by the Ti Makak gang, this armed group operating in Laboule 12, which continues to sow terror in the area under the helpless eyes of the authorities.

The SELEH takes the opportunity to ask the government to help the Haitian State Lottery in its mission to regulate the sector for the good health of the tax base and for the happiness of the population. The union calls on the police authorities to act quickly to allow the son of Mosanto Petit to rejoin his family.

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