Monday, December 4

The ULCC asks the Public Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute former senior officials for corruption…

After several months of investigation, the Anti-Corruption Unit sent its detailed report on the situation of public institutions to the Port-au-Prince Prosecutor’s Office for legal action. The files concern the Haitian State Lottery, town halls, the School of Law and Economics of Gonaïves, police debit cards.

According to ULCC investigators, serious cases of corruption have been detected in these files, in this sense the ULCC is asking the Chief Public Prosecutor to put public action in motion against Roland Paphius and Cheddlie Cherenfant for having embezzled 8 million gourdes at the School of Law and Economics of Gonaives and calls for criminal proceedings against Daniel Dupiton for influence peddling.

The administration of Léon Charles is splashed in this file. According to the ULCC, from December 2020 to February 2021 more than 18 million gourdes were deposited on the debit cards of police officers and civilian employees who are dismissed.

With regard to the Haitian State Lottery, the ULCC asks the Public Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute the former Director General, Marie Margareth Fortuné for having embezzled 40 million gourdes.

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