A former senator assassinated in Laboule 12

A former senator assassinated in Laboule 12

Heavily armed men created panic on Saturday in Laboule. Automatic gunfire was heard. They attacked a stationary police patrol.

The thugs led by the gang leader Ti Makak assassinated the former senator from the South under the banner of Fanmi Lavalas, Yvon Buissereth, he is the government commissioner Near the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince, Me. Jacques Lafontant, who confirmed the news.

The Director General of EPPLS accompanied by several people was in his vehicle at the time of the action, he was burned alive, reported the commissioner.

The president of the remaining third of the Senate of the Republic, Joseph Lambert, described the assassination of former senator Yvon Buissereth and his driver as revolting.


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