Ariel Henry Declared “Persona Non Grata” in the Dominican Republic

Ariel Henry Declared “Persona Non Grata” in the Dominican Republic

In a significant move reflecting the escalating tensions between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, has taken the decision to declare the Haitian Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, persona non grata within their territory, as reported by the Dominican newspaper Listin Diario.

This declaration comes at a time when Haiti is grappling with profound political unrest and widespread violence, with gangs openly challenging the authority of the government. Such challenges have only served to deepen the already acute political and social crisis within the country.

The decision to ban Ariel Henry from the Dominican Republic is a clear response to the ongoing turmoil in Haiti, which has been spilling over its borders, posing significant concerns for the security and stability of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican authorities have voiced their apprehensions regarding the potential for the Haitian crisis to have detrimental effects on their own nation, highlighting the urgent need for decisive action to safeguard their interests.


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