Deployment of US Soldiers in Haiti to Protect US Embassy

Deployment of US Soldiers in Haiti to Protect US Embassy

The security situation in Haiti has reached critical levels, prompting the United States to take decisive measures to protect its embassy in the country. Faced with the growing threat of armed gangs that have proliferated in the Haitian capital, American soldiers are expected to be deployed in Haiti.

According to sources cited by American media outlets, including the Miami Herald, the US Department of Defense is considering deploying members of the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST) in response to a request made by the Department of State.

These marines specialized in counterterrorism security would be tasked with bolstering the protection of the US embassy in Port-au-Prince, which is facing an imminent threat.

The decision to deploy US military forces in Haiti comes at a time when armed gangs have virtually held the capital hostage, spreading terror and instability. Violent clashes between these criminal groups and local security forces have led to a rapid deterioration of the security situation, jeopardizing the lives of Haitian residents as well as foreign nationals.


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