Monday, December 4

Ariel Henry persists in diplomatic endeavors with CARICOM

This afternoon, Prime Minister Ariel Henry convened with a distinguished delegation, duly appointed by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), at the official residence. This rendezvous marks the latest installment in an ongoing sequence of visits by CARICOM to Haiti, in pursuit of fostering a constructive discourse among the nation’s diverse political stakeholders and striving towards a sustainable political accord.

For a protracted period, Haiti has grappled with a profound confluence of political and economic crises, casting a shadow upon the nation’s stability and the welfare of its populace. CARICOM has pledged to play an active role in seeking redress and solutions for Haiti.

During this pivotal conclave, Prime Minister Ariel Henry conveyed his profound appreciation to CARICOM for its unwavering dedication to the stabilization of Haiti. He underscored the imperative of collaborative endeavors in addressing the exigent challenges that beset the nation.

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