Tuesday, December 5

Louko Desir summoned to the Prosecutor’s Office in Port-au-Prince

The journalist and host of the “Matin Débat” show, Luckner Désir, more widely recognized under his radio pseudonym, Louko, is summoned to appear at the Prosecutor’s Office in Port-au-Prince on Friday, September 8, 2023. This summons stems from a controversy sparked by his on-air statements in which he allegedly extolled gangsterism and encouraged young people to join armed groups in search of well-paid jobs.

The case gained national prominence after the broadcast of an excerpt from the “Matin Débat” show in which Louko purportedly urged young people to seek “jobs paying at least 15,000 gourdes per week” by joining armed gangs. This statement triggered a wave of outrage across the country, fueling concerns about the rise of violence and gangsterism in Haiti.

The government commissioner, Me Edler Guillaume, has decided to summon Louko Desir to clarify his statements and assess whether they can be considered an incitement to violence and crime. This investigation aims to determine whether the journalist violated the law by promoting gangsterism, which is subject to legal sanctions in Haiti.

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