Tuesday, December 5

Arms trafficking: The Episcopal Church of Haiti is not complicit…

“The Episcopal Church of Haiti has no involvement in the case of the shipment of weapons and ammunition seized at customs in Port-au-Prince in July 2022”, maintains Péguy Jean, lawyer for the Episcopal Church of Haiti. Haiti in the context of this case which is currently in the Cabinet of instruction.

According to the lawyer, people used the name of the religious institution to orchestrate their dirty work. “We would like the judicial authorities to look into the case quickly in order to identify all those who are involved in this arms and ammunition trafficking scandal,” says Jean.

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To note, the National Police has released a damning report on the alleged involvement of Father Frantz Cole of the Episcopal Church in arms trafficking in Haiti. According to this report, weapons are sometimes stored in Church-affiliated schools and distributed to bandits at night.

The Bureau of Criminal Affairs reported that Father Frantz Cole used the franchise of the Church to bring weapons and ammunition into Haiti. According to the report, every month more than US$30,000 was transferred from the church’s bank account to that of Zimbabwean, Vundla Shikumbuzo.

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