Arrest of the Alleged Gang Leader of Bizoton

Arrest of the Alleged Gang Leader of Bizoton

In a commendable stride towards combating criminal activities, Haitian law enforcement has achieved a major breakthrough with the announcement of the arrest of the alleged kingpin of the notorious Bizoton gang, Innocent Mackenley.

The operation was executed seamlessly on Wednesday at Toussaint L’Ouverture International Airport, where the prominent member of the Ti Bwa gang was intercepted while attempting to flee to the United States under the auspices of the Biden Program.

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Under Mackenley’s leadership, the gang had earned notoriety for its violent operations and extensive involvement in a myriad of illicit acts.

With his apprehension, Mackenley is now slated to face the full force of the Haitian judicial system, whereby he will be held accountable for his alleged deeds and subjected to a fair trial in accordance with the rule of law.

This unequivocal measure serves as a robust message to all criminals and active gang factions within the nation: no individual can be deemed exempt from legal repercussions, and those who transgress both societal and legal norms will be compelled to bear the weight of their actions.


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