Monday, December 4

Programme Biden: Haitians Arriving by the Thousands…

Since the beginning of 2023, the Humanitarian Parole Program has been at the forefront of addressing migration challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean. This program, established by the United States, aims to provide a humanitarian admission opportunity to individuals facing difficult situations in their home countries.

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According to available data, over 63,000 Haitians have been approved to benefit from the Humanitarian Parole Program in the first six months of the year. Among them, more than 50,000 have already successfully reached the United States through this program. These numbers underscore the severity of the humanitarian crisis in Haiti, driving a significant portion of its citizens to seek refuge and opportunities elsewhere.

The Humanitarian Parole Program is not exclusive to Haiti. In total, nearly 160,000 citizens from different countries, including Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, have also been beneficiaries of this program during the same period. These figures highlight the importance of this initiative in the region and the growing demand for protection and opportunities in the United States.

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