Bas-Artibonite: A Young Woman Murdered for Resisting Gang Leader’s Advances

Bas-Artibonite: A Young Woman Murdered for Resisting Gang Leader’s Advances

A scene of appalling violence recently unfolded in Bas-Artibonite, where 22-year-old Micheline Dor was brutally shot to death. Preliminary indications point to a sinister motive: Micheline’s steadfast refusal to yield to the demands of the local gang leader, Luckson Elan, alias “Baz Grand Grif.”

This heinous murder takes place against the backdrop of a deeply concerning surge in violence attributed to armed gangs operating in the region. Bertide Horace, spokesperson for a civil society organization in Bas-Artibonite, sharply criticized the lax stance of local authorities in the face of the escalating threat posed by these armed groups. She underscored that the area has become a battleground for gangs wielding almost absolute power, instilling terror among the residents.

According to gathered testimonies, Micheline Dor reportedly confronted Luckson Elan due to her unwavering refusal to enter into an intimate relationship with him. In response to this rejection, the young woman was deliberately targeted, enduring multiple gunshots, including two to her genital area, marking a shocking and dehumanizing level of violence.

Bertide Horace vehemently condemned these barbaric acts, urging authorities to take immediate action to restore peace and security in the region. The civil society organization demands swift and effective measures against armed gangs, as well as the protection of innocent citizens trapped in constant terror.


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