CARICOM Returns to Haiti for Dialogue

CARICOM Returns to Haiti for Dialogue

An eminent group of representatives from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is set to return to Haiti from December 6 to 14, 2023, marking a crucial step in the ongoing efforts to restore political stability in the country.

Previously, CARICOM had submitted a document to various Haitian stakeholders, proposing the creation of a Transition Council consisting of 7 members. This document will be at the center of discussions during this renewed visit as negotiations seek to find common ground among the involved parties.

According to a well-informed source on the negotiations, a crucial plenary session is scheduled for December 8. This meeting promises to be a decisive moment, providing a platform to delve into the CARICOM document and its implications for Haiti’s political future.

This visit comes at a critical time when Haiti is striving to overcome persistent challenges on political, economic, and social fronts. CARICOM, as a regional mediator, continues to play a vital role in facilitating dialogue and cooperation among various Haitian factions, underscoring its ongoing commitment to promoting a peaceful and sustainable resolution of issues.


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