Saturday, December 2

Belladère: “Ti Junior”, member of the “Krache Dife” gang is arrested by the police

Following an alert, the Police in the Municipality of Belladère arrested the suspect Charles Junior, alias “Ti Junyò”, 56 years old, active member of the gang group called “Krache Dife” operating in Port-au -Prince.

Seeking to take refuge in other regions of the country, Charles Junior was found in a house in Belladère, Center department, with his wife Freda Ravix who was also arrested by law enforcement officers.

During their arrest, the law enforcement officers, accompanied by the Justice of the Peace, Me Indriche Noël, searched the house serving as a refuge for Charles and his wife.

Note that several bullet holes and tattoos were found on the body of Charles Junior.

For the moment, Charles Junior and his wife are placed in police custody pending the necessary follow-up.

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