Blaze engulfs Savane Pistache sub-police station as insecurity escalates

Blaze engulfs Savane Pistache sub-police station as insecurity escalates

The neighborhood of Savane Pistache in Carrefour-feuilles continues to grapple with a rising wave of insecurity, marked by a recent alarming incident. Armed members belonging to the Grand Ravine gang deliberately set fire to the local Sub-Police Station, sending shockwaves among the region’s residents. This audacious criminal act unfolded during broad daylight, highlighting the increasing boldness of criminals operating with impunity in the area.

The local population, now left to fend for themselves, cannot hide their deep concern over the surging violence and the authorities’ inability to ensure their safety. The inhabitants, forced to grapple with fear and uncertainty in their daily lives, urgently call upon the Haitian National Police (PNH) to step up their efforts and restore order in the region.

This incident comes shortly after the Director-General of PNH’s announcements, where he revealed plans for extensive operations in all zones infiltrated by criminal elements. However, the devastating fire at the Sub-Police Station underscores the urgent need for swift and concerted action to counter the growing influence of these criminal groups.


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