Tuesday, December 5

Education amidst challenges: Occupied schools for gang-displaced individuals

Several schools are now accommodating individuals who have fled the threats posed by criminal gangs, marking a developing situation in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. In an official statement, the Ministry of National Education informed the population that nearly a dozen schools, encompassing around 150 classrooms, are currently occupied by displaced individuals.

This reality has raised concerns about the smooth functioning of the educational system. Nonetheless, the ministry remains resolute in addressing these challenges proactively. Confronting this delicate situation, the Ministry has issued an urgent appeal to parents, teachers, and the local community to continue safeguarding and supporting the schools in their respective neighborhoods.

Preserving these learning spaces is crucial to ensure a secure and conducive environment for children’s education, despite the trying circumstances. With this goal in mind, the Ministry of National Education has also announced the establishment of a special commission. Its role will be to comprehensively identify students and teachers who have been compelled to relocate due to recent events.

The underlying aim of this initiative is to better understand the implications of this complex situation on the educational process. By grasping these implications, suitable strategies can be devised to ensure the continuity of these students’ learning.

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