Bloody Confrontation in Mariani: Police Eliminate Armed Gang

Bloody Confrontation in Mariani: Police Eliminate Armed Gang

Last night, Mariani witnessed a violent clash between law enforcement and a group of criminals who had been terrorizing the region for several days. At least two members of the gang lost their lives in this determined operation aimed at neutralizing a criminal organization that had recently taken control of the area.

The intervention, carried out relentlessly, was the response of law enforcement to the growing threat posed by this gang. In recent times, the criminals had imposed an illegal toll on National Highway No. 2, forcing truck drivers and motorists to pay a tribute to pass through Mariani.

This unbearable situation prompted the authorities to launch a large-scale operation to restore order in the region.

A widely circulated video on social media shows the gang members lying in a pool of blood, each holding a formidable automatic weapon. The footage attests to the fierceness of the battle that unfolded between law enforcement and the criminals.


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