Guy Philippe: “Haiti Can Ensure Its Own Security”

Guy Philippe: “Haiti Can Ensure Its Own Security”

Formerly elected senator of Grand’Anse, Guy Philippe, displays unwavering determination in the face of the security crisis plaguing Haiti, firmly advocating for decisive action. As a former rebel leader in 2004, Philippe urgently calls for unity across all sectors of society to confront the alarming rise of gang violence in the country.

“My commitment to the Haitian people now occupies all of my time. Haiti can ensure its own security,” assures Guy Philippe, emphasizing his dedication to national well-being. While acknowledging the challenges posed by the proliferation of gangs, he believes the key lies in collective action by the Haitian people themselves, rejecting the idea of international intervention as a miraculous solution.

The former police officer expresses concerns about the growing influence of gangs in the country, highlighting, however, that the responsibility to find solutions lies with the Haitian population. According to him, only a joint effort, bringing together government authorities and ordinary citizens, will enable the country to overcome current challenges. Guy Philippe is thus mobilizing Haitian forces to counter the security crisis, emphasizing the need for national collaboration to restore peace and stability in Haiti.


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