Carrefour-feuilles refugees: A desperate plea for assistance

Carrefour-feuilles refugees: A desperate plea for assistance
Photo credit: Ted ACTU

The gang violence in Carrefour Feuilles has compelled many families to abandon their homes in search of a safe refuge. These desperate victims have found solace at the Gimnasium Vincent center, where they are urgently calling on the government to intervene, not only to meet their basic food needs but also to restore their morale and ensure their safety.

The situation in Carrefour Feuilles has worsened in recent months, with an escalation of violence carried out by local gangs. Residents have been held hostage in their own neighborhood, facing constant threats and brutal acts of violence. Fear and insecurity have quickly permeated their lives, forcing them to make a heart-wrenching decision: leave their homes to survive.

The center located at Gymnasium Vincent in Port-au-Prince has become a vital refuge for these desperate families. However, living conditions at the center are dire, with a shortage of food, adequate housing, and medical care.

The refugees, for the most part, have lost everything and now depend on the generosity of local humanitarian organizations for their daily sustenance.

But it’s not just a matter of material needs. The refugees also require moral support to overcome the traumas they have endured.


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