Monday, December 4

Ministry of Education urges internally displaced persons to protect school spaces

In a backdrop characterized by gang violence and large-scale population displacement, the Ministry of National Education issues a heartfelt call to internally displaced individuals, urging them to safeguard the school premises they have temporarily sought refuge in. This initiative is aimed at preserving crucial educational resources such as desks, chalkboards, and textbooks, thereby ensuring the uninterrupted flow of education for future generations.

The impact of gang violence has struck many communities severely, particularly in Carrefour-Feuilles, forcing thousands to abandon their homes. Confronted with this urgent situation, several internally displaced people have sought shelter within educational institutions, effectively converting these places of learning into temporary abodes.

However, the use of schools for residential purposes must not jeopardize the educational prospects of children and young adults in the region. The Ministry of National Education recognizes the vulnerability of internally displaced individuals and acknowledges their pressing need for a secure shelter. Nevertheless, it underscores that the preservation of educational spaces is equally imperative.

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