Christian Jérôme follows in the footsteps of Michael Phelps

Christian Jérôme follows in the footsteps of Michael Phelps

Born on August 9, 2008 in the United States, Christian Jérôme represents the hope of Haiti in water sports. At age 7 he developed a love for swimming, but it was at age 12 that he began to harbor the idea of becoming a great swimmer and participating in the Olympic Games.

Born of a Haitian father and an American mother, Christian Jérôme manifests the great desire to represent Haiti in the various competitions. “I am a Haitian by blood, I love this country for its history and its resilience,” said Christian during an interview with the Editorial Board.

His parents did not hide their pride after their son’s decision to wear the colors of the two-tone, despite the difficulties faced by Haitian athletes.

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“When I started to participate in competitions and I started to win medals, I told myself that I can do something great for Haiti with swimming,” continued the young athlete.

Very young he was contacted by the Haitian Federation of Aquatic Sports to participate in competitions on behalf of Haiti, without hesitation Christian Gérôme saw fit to represent the country.
The flame of winning medals burns in Christian. He wants to follow in the footsteps of Michael Phelps, Kristóf Milák and Caeleb Dressel of American and Hungarian swimmers who shone with their prowess in the Olympic Games and other major international competitions.

Christian Jérôme has already won several medals in different championships. In 2021, at the Greek LifeSaving Cup he won two medals (Gold and Silver). In July 2022, at the Central American and Caribbean Swimming Confederation tournament, an international competition which brought together 28 countries, Christian Jérôme won a silver medal, in this same championship in 2021 he shone with a thousand lights by winning two ( 2) medals: Silver, in the event called “Obstacle Race 100m and Gold in the 4X 50m Rescue Relay Race.

The course is set for Paris which will organize the Olympic Games in 2024, Christian Jérôme is already preparing for this great adventure.


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