CODEVI industrial park keeps its doors closed after the riots

CODEVI industrial park keeps its doors closed after the riots

The gates of the Codevi industrial park remain closed after unrest on Thursday by a mob that broke into said facilities. Members of the complex’s Homeland Security, as well as members of the Dominican Republic Army, were seen around noon on Friday.

“In view of what happened at Codevi, I express my gratitude to the employees, suppliers, security, customers, Dominican and Haitian friends for their collaboration in avoiding regrettable cases due to the unscrupulous actions of a group”, wrote businessman Fernando Capellán, the park’s main shareholder.

In a statement, Codevi said it will “keep an eye on developments and reopen its doors as soon as it is possible to work in an environment of total safety for all.”

In recent days, the political, social and economic crisis in Haiti has worsened, due to the shortage of fuel and food. The demonstrations are more and more frequent, which increases the insecurity, already high because of the gangs.

More than 15,000 people work in the company, 95% of them are Haitians and the rest Dominicans.


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