Corruption at the Haitian Embassy in Washington

Corruption at the Haitian Embassy in Washington

Recalled from his post as Haiti’s ambassador to Washington on suspicion of corruption, Edmond Bocchit proclaims his innocence. “I am not responsible for any wrongful act, or even corruption, as my country’s ambassador to Washington,” he wrote in a public statement.

The diplomat would like an audit to be carried out within the aforesaid embassy in order to shed light on this file.

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Note, after 14 passports were printed at the Haitian Embassy in Washington on September 6, 2021, a day off in the USA, a commission of inquiry was set up. According to the report of this commission, of which Metronome had a copy, the passports were printed via Roody Julien’s account.

The latter made it known that he had not come to the embassy that day. The commission mentioned that every weekend Béttina Edmond, sister of Bocchit Edmond, came to print passports using the unlimited account of another employee, namely Emmanuel Content.

The commission was unable to verify the number of passports printed. According to the report, Gelorme Juste, an embassy employee, uses his status to also produce passports irregularly. It is a vast network that exists at the Embassy of Haiti in Washington DC.


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