Tuesday, December 5

Shedelyne Ulysse, a 22-year-old Haitian graduated in Medicine in Orlando

Shed left Haiti in 2007, she was 7 years old. She began her studies in Haiti, in her hometown, Léogâne at the Institut des Mignons (Petit Mignon / Pre-School and Primary) directed by Madame Jean Robert Saturné.

At a very young age, Shed showed extraordinary intelligence at school. She was competitive and ambitious.

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Arriving in the United States, in Orlando, despite language and cultural barriers, Shed did not take long to be ranked among the best students in the state of Florida.

After finishing her Hight School at 17, graduated in Neuro-Science and today, at 22 years and 5 months, the Haitian Shedelyne Ulysse is graduated in Medicine at the College of HEALTH PROFESSIONS AND SCIENCES COLLEGE OF MEDICINE.

Translated Shed is the perfect expression of the intelligence of Haitian youth abroad and who wish one day to serve their country (Haiti) one day.

Haiti can count on its youth from the diaspora for a new tomorrow. Bravo Shed, you are honoring Haiti abroad.

Ulysse Jean Chenet

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