Criminals set fire to a police bulldozer in Mariani

Criminals set fire to a police bulldozer in Mariani

On December 23rd, the city of Mariani witnessed a particularly shocking act of violence when a group of armed individuals deliberately attacked a police bulldozer using Molotov cocktails. This vehicle, essential to police operations aimed at dismantling criminal hideouts, was set ablaze, highlighting the bold and dangerous nature of the criminals involved.

This incident occurred in the context of persistent tensions between law enforcement and gangs operating in the region. The targeted bulldozer was a crucial element of the efforts deployed by the Haitian National Police (PNH) to combat crime and dismantle criminal organizations in Mariani.

It was specifically used to destroy hideouts that criminals used to plan and carry out their illegal activities. The attack on this vehicle underscores the challenges authorities face in their ongoing struggle to maintain security and justice in the region.


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