Launch of the LAVIL Program: Catalyzing Urban Transformation in Haiti

Launch of the LAVIL Program: Catalyzing Urban Transformation in Haiti

Cities Alliance introduces the Ansanm Ann Chanje Lavil (Together Let’s Change the City) program (LAVIL) in Haiti to boost municipal service delivery and local development. Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the program begins in partnership with Cap-Haïtien and Les Cayes municipalities, with potential expansion to others.

LAVIL seeks to develop relationships with the national Government and the Haitian municipalities to help unlock resources for public services. Amid escalating economic, social, and political challenges, Haitian local governments struggle to provide vital services to their citizens. “LAVIL provides hope and opportunity for Haitians to thrive due to the strengthened capacity of municipalities to improve lives and create sustainable conditions for all people,” says Eric Stromayer, Chargé d’Affaires, U.S. Embassy in Haiti.

Photo Credit: Cities Alliance, 2023, Marche Rival, Les Cayes, Haiti

LAVIL works through dialogue with municipalities and civil society, and partnering with Fondazione AVSI (Association of Volunteers for International Service) Haiti, Habitat for Humanity Haiti, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, and the Institut de Formation et de Services. USAID/Haiti’s Acting Mission Director, Maram Talaat, notes that “The LAVIL project will support selected local governments to provide better services to their constituents and to create municipal management models for economic growth and social development.”

Public markets will be a key priority. Management and infrastructure improvements are expected to stimulate livelihoods, job creation, and municipal revenues. “In Cap-Haïtien, one of our major challenges is to increase tax revenues to fund local needs, which amount to 1.5 billion gourdes for nearly 200 actions in the Communal Development Plan. We anticipate substantial support from LAVIL for this essential fiscal mobilisation,” affirms Nelson Deshommes, communications director for the Cap-Haitien municipal government. A comprehensive waste management system will also be a vital component of the program. Efficient waste management safeguards the environment and public health, and plays a central role in ocean preservation, protecting marine life and supporting the growth of blue economy sectors.

LAVIL adopts a flexible approach to prioritize local needs and solutions. Laura Lima, Head of Global Programs for Cities Alliance asserts that “LAVIL is a significant step towards Haiti’s sustainable urban development. Cities Alliance and its partners are committed to build resilience and empower communities from within.”

“The LAVIL program brings hope to Les Cayes municipality, addressing local revenue and urban planning challenges. Collaborating closely with authorities, we expect the program to revive the local economy by enhancing municipal services. Its potential expansion to other cities offers a unique opportunity to replicate success and create lasting nationwide impact.”, says Claire Daphné France, mayor of Les Cayes.

USAID works to build a stable and viable Haiti, and provides life-saving humanitarian assistance to Haiti’s most vulnerable and hard-to-reach people. and follow @USAID/Haiti on X and Facebook.


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