Tuesday, December 5

Critical OAS visit to Ouanaminthe for scrutiny of the Massacre Canal project

The Organization of American States (OAS) announced on Thursday its pivotal decision to dispatch a delegation to Ouanaminthe, Haiti, to conduct a thorough examination of the progress of the Massacre Canal construction project on the river of the same name. This significant decision was reached during a meeting held at the headquarters of the hemispheric organization.

The Massacre Canal construction project has garnered substantial interest and provoked discussions within the international community. The purpose of the OAS delegation during their visit to Ouanaminthe is to closely scrutinize the progress of the construction works, assess their environmental and local community impacts, and ensure adherence to international standards throughout the project.

Haitian authorities warmly welcomed the OAS delegation’s visit and pledged complete cooperation to ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation of the Massacre Canal construction project.

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