Haitian ambassador strongly advocates for the Massacre River Canal

Haitian ambassador strongly advocates for the Massacre River Canal

During a recent meeting of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS), Léon Charles, Haiti’s ambassador to the organization, passionately championed the ongoing construction of the Massacre River Canal. In an impassioned speech, he emphasized the sovereign right of the Haitian people to access binational water resources in accordance with the 1929 agreement.

The construction of a canal on the Massacre River, which spans the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, has been a recurring subject of discussion for many years. Supporters of the project believe it holds significant economic potential for both nations, enhancing regional connectivity and promoting international trade.

In his address, Ambassador Charles stressed that the 1929 agreement, signed between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, acknowledges the right of each country to utilize shared water resources. He stated, “Haiti firmly believes that the Massacre River Canal is not only a legitimate endeavor but also a historic opportunity to bolster our economy and regional cooperation. We call upon our partners to honor the 1929 agreement and collaborate to realize this project.”

Ambassador Charles also underscored the potential advantages of the canal, including job creation, infrastructure development, and the strengthening of trade ties between the neighboring nations.


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