EDE Expresses Solidarity with Victims of Gang Violence

EDE Expresses Solidarity with Victims of Gang Violence

The political party “Engaged for Development” (EDE) has today announced a peaceful demonstration scheduled for Sunday, September 17th, in a show of support for the victims affected by armed gangs in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince and other regions across the country. The primary goal of this initiative is to raise awareness within the population and implore the authorities to take decisive actions to quell the prevailing violence in the nation.

The march will commence at Jeudy Public Square, located in Delmas 33, at 9 a.m. Organizers anticipate a significant turnout, uniting citizens, members of civil society, and EDE party sympathizers. The march will traverse several neighborhoods within the capital, concluding at Musseau, right in front of the Official Residence of Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

The chosen route holds significance; it underscores EDE’s determination to amplify the voice of the Haitian populace in spaces where crucial decisions are made. The Official Residence of the Prime Minister stands as a symbolic location where the demands and concerns of the Haitian people must find resonance within the government.

During this demonstration, a message will be conveyed to Prime Minister Ariel Henry, urging immediate action to curb the violence perpetrated by armed gangs within the country. These demands will also encompass calls for bolstering citizen security, ensuring justice for the victims, and fostering economic and social development.


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