Monday, December 4

Start of the school year in Jérémie: Prime minister confronted with unrest

On September 11, 2023, the Haitian government officially launched the academic year 2023-2024 in Jérémie, a city located in the southwestern peninsula of the country. This event was supposed to be a moment of joy and celebration of education, but instead, it unfolded in a tense atmosphere marked by significant challenges.

The government delegation, including the Prime Minister and the Minister of National Education, traveled to Jérémie to mark the beginning of the school year. However, upon their arrival in the city, the Prime Minister’s convoy was attacked with stones by local residents.

Despite these regrettable incidents, the ceremony ultimately took place thanks to an increased presence of Haitian police forces. Authorities had deployed a significant number of police officers to ensure the security of government officials present on the scene, as well as that of the students and teachers who had come to attend this highly symbolic event.

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