Education in jeopardy: Ministry demands closure of anarchic high schools !

Education in jeopardy: Ministry demands closure of anarchic high schools !

The Ministry of National Education denounces the haphazard establishment of over twenty high schools in the country. It demands their immediate closure due to non-compliance with established standards. Under the leadership of Nesmy Manigat, the ministry urges the responsible authorities of the concerned high schools to proceed to the Departmental Directorates of Education for necessary actions.

The objective is to prevent students from losing their academic year or official exams. This decision aims to ensure a quality learning environment. High schools must meet minimum standards in terms of infrastructure, curriculum, and teacher qualifications. Unfortunately, the targeted establishments have failed to meet these essential criteria.

This concerning situation compromises the quality of education and can lead to safety issues. The ministry is committed to taking strict measures to address this situation and will support the high school authorities throughout the process. Ensuring a quality education that caters to students’ needs and complies with national requirements is of utmost importance.

The ministry reaffirms its determination to put an end to the chaotic establishment of non-compliant high schools in order to safeguard the educational future of the students.


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