Saturday, December 2

Haitian State Ordered to Pay $28 Million to Preble-Rish

The Haitian State has been ordered to pay $28 million to Preble-Rish, according to the decision by Federal Judge Kevin Castel in New York. This condemnation is the result of a dispute over fuel payment between the Haitian State and the said company.

This decision challenges the idea that the Haitian State would be immune from the authority of the court under U.S. law, even though Haiti has not signed the arbitration agreement.

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Judge Castel ruled in favor of Preble-Rish, rejecting the argument that the Haitian State would be protected by foreign sovereign immunity under U.S. law. Given that Haiti has not signed the arbitration agreement, the Haitian State could not invoke this immunity to escape the jurisdiction of the court.

The $28 million amount represents a considerable sum that could have a significant financial impact on the Haitian State.

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