Monday, December 4

Elections will be held in 2023, reassures Ariel Henry

It was Wednesday at the Karibe hotel in Pétion-ville where several leaders of political parties and civil society had met to discuss the future of Haiti.

They initialed a document called: “National consensus for an inclusive transition and transparent elections”.

This consensus document provides for a new transition of 14 months during which the executive will be supported by the High Council of the Transition (HCT), the organization of elections during the year 2023, which must devote new elected officials and the handover of power should take place on February 7, 2024, thus marking the return to constitutional and democratic order.

It should be noted that the members designated by the sectors to be part of the “High Council of Transition” are now known: Mrs. Mirlande Hyppolite Manigat, Mr. Laurent St Cyr and Pastor Calixte Fleuridor. According to our sources, these 3 members of the HCT should be installed shortly.

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