Tuesday, December 5

The American Coast Guard arrested 110 Haitian migrants

110 Haitian migrants were arrested last Thursday in a sailboat that left the Bahamas. Among these 110 Haitian immigrants, there are 82 men, 22 women and 6 children who took a boat from the North-West department to Puerto Rico.

Many compatriots continue to risk their lives in illegal trips, with the idea of having a better life, because according to many of them, it will get worse and worse in Haiti, adding to the hunger and insecurity that have a long life in the country.

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The departmental director of the North of the Office national des migrations (ONM), Kerwin Augustin, does not encourage people to risk their lives in the high seas.

Last week, it was the American Coast Guard that rescued 34 of our compatriots abandoned by smugglers at Monito Cay, an island in Puerto Rico.

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