Guy Philippe Urges Catholic Church Leaders to Break Silence

Guy Philippe Urges Catholic Church Leaders to Break Silence

In an unexpected and poignant gesture, former Haitian Senator Guy Philippe has publicly spoken out about the recent kidnapping of several Catholic sisters in Haiti, issuing an urgent plea to the leaders of the Catholic Church in the country.

Deeply affected by this heinous act, Guy Philippe denounced what he termed as the “criminal and complicit silence” of the Church in the face of escalating instability and acts of banditry shaking the nation. He emphasized that despite these challenges, the Church has remained surprisingly silent—a silence he deems incompatible with the Christian values preached by the institution.

In his remarks, Guy Philippe specifically referenced a priest whom he described as having a “big heart.” This gesture suggests that the former senator’s close proximity to members of the clergy gives him a particularly sensitive perspective regarding the kidnapping of the sisters.

“We are facing an extremely challenging situation in Haiti, marked by insecurity and violence. The Church, which should be a pillar of support in such times, remains silent. Where is the voice of the Church in the face of these acts of barbarism?” questioned Guy Philippe.

The former senator urged leaders of the Catholic Church to wake up to the brutal reality the country is facing. He called for active engagement from the Church to condemn kidnappings and other forms of violence affecting the population, especially members of the clergy.


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