Pope Francis issues heartfelt plea for release of six abducted nuns

Pope Francis issues heartfelt plea for release of six abducted nuns

Pope Francis made a poignant appeal this Sunday, urging the immediate release of six nuns from the Congregation of Saint Anne, who were abducted on January 19th in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The members of the congregation were traveling on a bus alongside others when they were kidnapped, triggering global concern for their well-being.

The leader of the Catholic Church expressed his concern in an official statement, calling for unity and prayer for the safe release of the hostages. “In earnestly seeking their liberation, I pray for social harmony in Haiti, and I urge everyone to put an end to the violence causing so much suffering to this dear population,” Pope Francis declared.

Pope Francis implored the international community to unite in prayer and work in tandem with Haitian authorities to ensure the swift release of the hostages. “Peace and justice must prevail over violence,” added the Pope, emphasizing the importance of addressing social issues peacefully and in cooperation with the global community.

The abduction of the six nuns has not only raised alarms for their safety but has also heightened concerns about the prevailing security situation in Haiti. Pope Francis, known for his advocacy for peace and justice, called on nations and individuals worldwide to join hands in prayer and concerted efforts to bring about a resolution to this distressing situation.


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