Tuesday, December 5

Haiti lives a second day of strike against the increase in the price of fuel

The population in general and public transport drivers in particular responded positively, on this second day, to the call for a strike launched by trade unions to ask the government to suspend the increase in the price of gasoline. at the pump.

Monday the strike was respected 100%, the doors of commercial banks were closed, trade was paralyzed, except for a few informal traders who were trying to sell some products. The picture today is no different, we found.

Dozens of people had to travel miles and miles to get basic necessities and drinking water.

The stations are running out of fuel, perpetuating the shortage for more than three months, driving up the prices of all basic necessities in the local market.

Some products have doubled in value, making life even more expensive in a country where 4.9 million people need humanitarian aid.

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