Tuesday, December 5

Haiti – Protest: The USA condemns the acts of violence and looting

The right to assembly and demonstration is fundamental in any democracy. However, the United States strongly condemns the recent acts of violence, looting, and destruction in Haiti and those who instigated these events for their own ends. We call on Haitians to express their opinions in a peaceful manner by respecting humanitarian actors and law enforcement and by allowing Haitians in need to have unhindered access to food, water and care medical.

Since last December, international partners and organizations have mobilized more than $294 million in new commitments in favor of Haiti; however, additional support is urgently needed, including contributions to the United Nations Common Security Fund recently established by Canada.

We continue to encourage Haitian interlocutors to agree on an inclusive political agreement that will promote the holding of elections as soon as conditions permit. Haitians across the country and from all walks of life must create the conditions that will allow a democratically elected government to take office as soon as possible.

The United States remains a staunch partner of Haiti, and we remain committed to supporting the Haitian people during this difficult time.

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