Tuesday, December 5

Haiti: The United States responds to the government’s request for international assistance

The US State Department responded this weekend to Haiti’s request for international assistance to combat the humanitarian, health and security crisis the country is currently experiencing.
Prime Minister Ariel Henry last week called on friendly countries to give him all the necessary support to prevent people “from dying by the tens and even thousands, if we do nothing”.

Faced with this call for help, the United States said it was monitoring the situation, assuring that it will analyze the Haitian government’s request to determine the most feasible way to provide support.

“We are closely monitoring the worsening health and security situation in Haiti, in particular the ongoing actions of criminal actors who are hampering the adoption of urgent measures to respond to the threat posed by the spread of cholera among the population. Haitian” reads the document.

In a few lines, the United States indicated that it would coordinate assistance with its international partners, where it would establish measures aimed at stopping the spread of cholera in the country.

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