Saturday, December 2

Trouble in Haiti: the border is controlled and will remain stable, reassures Abinader

Dominican President Luis Abinader maintained that the unrest in Haiti will not reach the Dominican Republic, while ensuring that the border is controlled and will remain calm.

“We have taken all measures to limit this risk and our armed forces, both the army and the air force and navy, are on the border and the border is calm and will remain so,” Abinader said in a statement. an interview for Univisión and which was broadcast by Noticias SIN.

The president maintained that the international community is already aware that it must act as it has shown during recent meetings of the UN National Security Council.

Abinader added that the Haitian issue “is an issue that makes any government action on health services more costly for us, the same cost of having 11,000 men at the border on different shifts.”

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