Saturday, December 2

Haitian personalities banned from entering the Dominican Republic

President Luis Abinader prohibits members of Haitian political, economic and civil society elites as well as gang leaders from entering the Dominican Republic. Here is the list: Youri Latortue; Gracia Delva, Liszt Quitel, Rodolphe Jaar, Bredy Charlot, Kesner Normil, Evans Paul, Assad Volcy, Jean Tholbert Alexis, Victor Prophane.

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Laurent Salvador Lamothe, Richard Lenine Hervé Fourcand, Rony Celestin, Gary Bodeau, Espérance Pierre, Charles Kiko Saint-Rémy, Sherif Abdallah, Arnel Belizaire, Salim Succar, Reynold Deeb, Nénel Cassy, Berto Dorcé and Antonio Cheramy (a) Don Kato.

Steve Khawly, Frantz Cole, Jean Mardoché Vil, Fritz Désiré, Dieuné Day, Romel Bell, Wakin Pierre, Jhonson André (a) Izo, Manuel Saloman (a) Manno, Joselito Petit-Homme (a) Ti Makak, Carlo are also present Petit-Homme (a) Ti Makak, Elan Luckson, Jermaine Stephenson (a) Gaspiyay, Albert Stevenson (a) Djouma, Julmé Ernst (a) Ti Greg and Woodley Ethéart (a) Sonson La Familia.


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